Thursday, September 16

Strawberry white chocolate cheesecake

Although cheesecake is getting populair in the Netherlands it is not common to eat it, or bake it. We do have a similair pie called 'kwark taart', but that is not at all tasty like the american cheesecake.

Since I was curious about the cheesecake I decided to bake it and choose the most simple recipe I could find. I love it! But I don't know if it is the traditional way of making cheesecake, but it's only a first attempt anyway...
I added white chocolate because I just love that with everything, and ofcourse strawberries to give it a sweet fresh extra. 

  • 150g Bastogne cookies or graham crackers, crushed
  •  50g butter, soft
  •  400g creamcheese
  •  100g Sugar
  •  2 eggs
  •  150g white chocolate, crushed
  •  20g white chocolate chips for topping
  •  Strawberries for topping 
  1. Preheat oven at 175C. Crush the cookies or crackers and mix it with the butter. Press it into a greased and lined pan, make sure it is spread well.
  2. Crush the chocolate into pieces, I used chocolate chips from Nestle and crushed those. You can also choose to melt the chocolate, then I recommend not using chips because they usually don't melt that fast.
  3. Mix the creamcheese with the sugar, white chocolate and eggs, then spread it over the cookiemix.
  4. Bake the cheesecake in the oven for about 40 min. Let it cool down.

    Bastogne cookies are cookies from Holland I think. I do not know if they sell it out of Europe, any other cookie made out of mostly brown sugar works great as well. Or just graham crackers ofcourse.

    Note that I used a quite small pan to bake this cheesecake in, I recommend adding half of these ingredients if you are using a 26cm pan.